Sunday, 20 February 2011

Featured Seller - GilliansMixedMediaMusings

This week's featured seller is Gillian from Gillian's Mixed Media Musings.

Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Gillian, I live on the North East coast of Scotland. I am married to a very patient and tolerant husband who doesn't mind the crafty mess I create. I am a full time working mum to a teeneage boy. 
What do you make? 
Mainly Mixed Media & Altered Art pieces. I like the distressed,grunged,vintage look. 
Why do you use that medium? 

Mainly because there is so much you can do, you can really "think outside the box" with this style.

When/ how did you start crafting? 

I started crafting in 2002, as a time out hobby where I could switch off from the day to day life stuff. I started mainly with cardmaking/stamping 
When did you start selling your stuff - where do you sell?  

I really only started selling my stuff at the beginning of this year. I only sell on Folksy

Do you also have a day job, or is this your main job? 
I work full time for my local authority council. I am a senior social care worker in a day care unit for older people. 
What do you love about your medium, what do you hate?

I love creating unique/different from the norm pieces. I hate when it doesn't work! 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
Depending what I am working on, I just tend to look at the materials I'm about to work with and then take it from there. I don't work to a set rule. 
What is your favourite music to craft to? 

I don't listen to any music when crafting. 

What is your favourite piece of your own? 
This is my favourite piece 

Where do you do your crafting (specially built studio - sofa??)  
Sadly I don't have a craft room, so all my crafting is done in the dining room.

Gillian thanks so much for taking part, I've loved finding out a bit more about your mixed media creations!

If anyone else would like to be featured, please just leave a comment below (with your email or shop) and I'll be in touch!!!


  1. Thanks Becky for featuring my Folksy shop, really enjoyed doing this :)


  2. Ive been lucky enough to work with gillian on several ventures and crafted together in my house and hers and i love how her work has evolved. looking forward to doing our first craft fair together in march. Gillians attention to detail is what i like and the fact she likes to make sure what she makes is going to stand up to its purpose and not let a buyer down. good luck with the folksy shop G x

  3. Nice to get to know a bit more about what makes you tick Gillian x Wishing you well in your selling venture x