Thursday, 17 February 2011

Money Money Money

This time of year is perfect to get organised. After spending a bit of time in January struggling through last years accounts to get my tax return submitted, I thought I'd re-do my accounts and try to get organised for the year ahead.

(cute little purse from Moody Cow Designs)

I wondered if this sales form would be of use to anyone else?

I basically put in how much the item costs me to make (and account for some time for making/ promoting the item too!), the sheet also has a column which calculates folksy fees and paypal fees relating to the sales price (without this column I often forget these fees even exists, so it helps with costing!), and therefore how much profit I actually make.Quite useful as somehow in my mind the fees are quickly forgotten - this brings me back down to earth again.

Here's the direct link -

This year I'm hoping to keep track of my customers a little better too, and will perhaps even get around to doing a newsletter at some point.....maybe.... anyway, there's a column included for email addresses just in case.

In terms of calculating how much you should be charging for an item in the first place, I seem to remember Nifty Knits had a fees calculator on their website a little while ago which might be useful to you!

Do you have any good methods of keeping track of it all?

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