Thursday, 3 February 2011

Fantastic Felt

One of the very first customers in my new little destash shop was the lovely Nichola, who runs Fibre Art on Folksy.

And she very kindly agreed to let me show you what she made with the turquoise irregular focal beads she bought from me.

How gorgeous is that?? Click on the picture to go and see more pics in the shop!

She's got loads of other lovely colours in her shop too. I think the combination of felt and stone is beatiful. The contrast really brings out the softness of the felt, and the beauty of the gems.


  1. It really wasn't very hard to think of something to make with them I have to admit! They were so stunning, the second I saw them in your shop, a fully formed idea just popped into my head! They were even more gorgeous in real life, so the inspiration came from you really! xxx

  2. These look beautiful. Great photos too

  3. Aw thanks Nichola, so glad you made something so beautiful with them.

  4. Hi Anna - they're amazing aren't they, and I agree the photos are stunning.

  5. These are really lovely, the felt works so well!